Allstate + Mocktails = Safer Driving

Allstate and chef and TV personality Jordan Andino create the Allstate Good Sips collection to promote safe driving.

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NORTHBOOK, Ill., Nov. 15, 2022 – Continuing its legacy of safe driving, Allstate is teaming up with chef, restaurateur and TV personality  Jordan Andino to create Allstate Good Sips, a collection of signature mocktails that can help keep drivers safe this holiday season and beyond.

Demand for mocktails is growing: In 2021, sales of nonalcoholic beverages rose 33% to $331 million.While the uptick is good news for road safety, alcohol remains a major contributing factor to motor vehicle crashes, especially during the holidays.

“It’s important to stay sober if you’re getting behind the wheel. But that doesn’t mean your drink has to be boring,” Andino says. “I loved working with Allstate to create the Good Sips menu because I was able to infuse exotic flavors with traditional mixers to create something as beautiful as it is tasty. And if these mocktails can help save lives, even better.”

Allstate Good Sips mocktails have ingredients that can help improve alertness – and ensure designated drivers have tasty alternatives during holiday gatherings. The menu includes:

  • Safetini: A nonalcoholic take on a classic martini, blending blue curacao syrup, soda water, lime juice and fresh mint, topped with cranberries. It’s a refreshing blue mocktail inspired by Allstate’s signature color.
  • Sober Sage: A festive, gin-inspired mocktail mixing cranberry juice, sage simple syrup and soda water, with sage leaves as garnish.
  • 10 & 2: An alcohol-free version of an old fashioned that includes black tea, bitters, sugar, and the citrus burst of an orange slice to top it off.

Visit Allstate on Instagram for the mocktail recipes and a chance to get a limited-edition Allstate Good Sips kit with ingredients, tools and more.

Allstate has been working to keep drivers safe for over 90 years, from advocating for mandatory seat belts and air bags and offering savings for safe driving with Drivewise®. Discover more at or follow @Allstate on social media.

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