Allstate finds Hawaii, Minnesota and Washington are home to America’s safest drivers

Drivers are easier on the brakes in the Midwest, move at safer speeds in the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest, and keep their eyes on the road more on the West Coast.

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NORTHBROOK, Ill., July 11, 2024 – Honolulu has the safest drivers in America, according to the 16th Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report®. Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and Virginia Beach round out the Top 5.

For the first time, the report uses anonymized connected driving data from Allstate’s mobility data and analytics partner Arity to rank the 100 most populous U.S. urban areas by driving behavior, like phone handling, high-speed driving and hard braking.1,2 Arity powers the optional safe driving features in Allstate’s mobile app.

“Customers can sign up for usage-based insurance programs like Allstate’s Drivewise® for personalized feedback on their driving,” said Ginger Purgatorio, executive vice president at Allstate. “This feedback has helped people drive safer and save money on their auto insurance.”

The Safest and Riskiest Drivers

Regional trends

Drivers on the West Coast handle their phone less

San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Bernadino, and Portland, Oregon are among the top 10 areas where drivers handle their phone the least.

Drivers in the Midwest hard brake the least.

Madison, Cleveland, Des Moines, Minneapolis, and St. Louis make up half of the top 10 areas that avoid decelerating more than 7 mph in one second.

Drivers in the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast drive at safer speeds.

Seattle, Spokane, and Portland in the Pacific Northwest and Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, and Allentown in the Northeast are among the top 10 areas that avoid driving over 80 mph.

See below for a complete ranking of all 100 U.S. urban areas by driving behavior.

Drivewise customers are safer

In April 2024, Allstate shared new data about how Drivewise customers are safer: Those who choose to opt into the Allstate app’s safe driving features are 25% less likely to have a severe collision than those who don’t. Drivewise evaluates and helps educate on driving behaviors that are often attributed to the tens of thousands of people lost in preventable crashes on U.S. roads each year. Features like crash detection services can also quickly connect customers with help when they’re in an accident. Get more information about Drivewise at

The 100 most populous U.S. urban areas by driving behavior

Overall  RankU.S. Urban AreaHard Braking RankHigh-Speed RankPhone Handling Rank
1Honolulu, HI1118
2Minneapolis, MN6813
3Seattle, WA2256
4Portland, OR3849
5Virginia Beach, VA321114
6Richmond, VA213022
7Spokane, WA7269
8Washington, DC491217
9Harrisburg, PA84535
10Reno, NV411433
11Cleveland, OH32860
12San Antonio, TX16688
13Baltimore, MD481332
14Columbus, OH144634
15Dayton, OH124242
16St. Louis, MO96029
17Cincinnati, OH113951
18Des Moines, IA41683
19Kansas City, MO174940
20Jacksonville, FL157916
21Wichita, KS281770
22Louisville, KY245443
23Indianapolis, IN432159
24Rochester, NY54963
25El Paso, TX332074
26Houston, TX516215
27Milwaukee, WI232485
28Akron, OH37392
29San Francisco, CA84444
30Charleston, SC203184
31Syracuse, NY292581
32New York, NY552753
33Knoxville, TN592254
34Salt Lake City, UT427521
35Providence, RI535100
36New Orleans, LA192695
37Chattanooga, TN622355
38Ogden/Layton, UT309320
39Tulsa, OK345752
40Dallas, TX458910
41Winston-Salem, NC713737
42Palm Bay/Melbourne, FL139936
43Pensacola, FL363479
44Oklahoma City, OK465647
45Tampa, FL566726
46Boston, MA104397
47Little Rock, AR319030
48Madison, WI27080
49Nashville, TN278145
50Pittsburgh, PA501986
51San Jose, CA90641
52Las Vegas, NV75765
53Worcester, MA263893
54Lancaster, PA394771
55Albany, NY57794
56Springfield, MA253699
57Orlando, FL448631
58Buffalo, NY68689
59Atlanta, GA88742
60Colorado Springs, CO766623
61Port St. Lucie, FL1810048
62Kissimmee/St. Cloud, FL479128
63Toledo, OH693267
64Austin, TX747819
65Provo/Orem, UT359839
66Sacramento, CA976312
67Bridgeport/Stamford, CT651890
68Raleigh, NC894046
69Charlotte, NC587741
70San Diego, CA77963
71Omaha, NE613388
72Cape Coral, FL705558
73Sarasota, FL664178
74Los Angeles, CA948011
75Chicago, IL527361
76McAllen, TX642998
77Allentown, PA911091
78Concord, CA925250
79Hartford, CT725964
80Philadelphia, PA814868
81Durham, NC876149
82Bakersfield, CA1001582
83Columbia, SC408375
84Denver, CO675873
85Detroit, MI868725
86Riverside/San Bernardino, CA96957
87New Haven, CT536977
88Phoenix, AZ799727
89Mission Viejo/Lake Forest, CA958524
90Miami, FL739438
91Tucson, AZ825176
92Grand Rapids, MI608866
93Denton, TX788257
94Memphis, TN857262
95Birmingham, AL639265
96Stockton, CA938444
97Fresno, CA985372
98Murrieta/Temecula/Menifee, CA997156
99Baton Rouge, LA835096
100Albuquerque, NM806587

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1For this analysis, phone handling is calculated when a customer’s smartphone is in use while a trip is in progress; High-speed driving is calculated when a customer drives over 80 mph; Hard braking is calculated when a customer decelerates more than 7 mph in one second. Data is based on the location of a trip and not the zip code of a customer or their vehicle. Drivewise Mobile savings are not available in California and Alaska. This report is produced solely to boost the country’s discussion about safe driving and to increase awareness of the importance usage-based insurance programs like Drivewise play in being safe and attentive behind the wheel. The research is not used to determine auto insurance rates.

2List of urban areas as defined by the 2020 Census. Due to data availability, the following six urban areas have been excluded from this report: San Juan, PR, McKinney/Frisco, TX, Boise City, ID, Augusta, GA, Bonita Springs/Estero, FL, Goodyear/Avondale, AZ; The following six have been included: Stockton, CA, Syracuse, NY, Chattanooga, TN, Durham, NC, Lancaster/Manheim, PA, Pensacola, FL. Some area names have been edited for brevity. More information and full area names can be found at