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One of the Industry's First Equity Indexed Annuities Now Renovated

06/06/2005 Ups and downs in the stock market have made some consumers saving for retirement hesitant about easing back into it. Yet, knowing the gains that could be achieved makes some, even the most risk averse, interested in equity indexe... read more »

Lincoln Benefit Life Company, an Allstate Company, Enhances Variable Annuity Product to Meet the Changing Face of "Retirement"

05/12/2005 Numerous retirement surveys, including the annual Allstate "Retirement Reality Check" survey, have shown that Americans no longer think of retirement as a time to actually retire. Many Americans are starting to re-shape what reti... read more »

Allstate Workplace Division Becomes Special Fund Contributor to the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation

02/08/2005 Allstate Workplace Division, a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation, is now one of three "Special Funds" contributors for research projects sponsored through the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation (CTRF), a highly respected national ... read more »

Parents Putting Retirement Savings Ahead of College Savings

01/11/2005 When parents have to choose between saving for their kids' college educations and saving for their own retirement, retirement wins, according to the fourth annual Allstate "Retirement Reality Check" survey. While most people w... read more »

Allstate Advisor Variable Annuity Can Now Help Individuals Save, Spend or Pass On Their Retirement Savings

01/05/2005 The 2004 Allstate "Retirement Reality Check" survey found that almost half (44 percent) of those surveyed who are still working admitted they're likely to work after retirement because they'll need income to make ends meet. Speci... read more »

Pennies Saved Today Earn More for Retirement Tomorrow

12/16/2004 Americans may worry about saving for retirement, but when they look at their spending habits, cutting back on items is no small task. The fourth annual Allstate "Retirement Reality Check" survey shows that, regardless of age, education, ... read more »

Optimism Surges Among Boomers Eyeing Retirement

12/08/2004 The past year brought a surge of financial and emotional optimism to Baby Boomers contemplating retirement, according to the fourth annual Allstate "Retirement Reality Check" survey. Baby Boomers, the generation shaped by post... read more »

Allstate Life Global Funding Completes First Retail Registered Medium Term Notes Transaction

11/24/2004 Allstate Life Global Funding, a special purpose statutory trust, has now issued, through Allstate Life Global Funding Trusts, an $85 million inaugural retail registered medium term note transaction. These notes were issued under Allstate... read more »

Like Your Job? Allstate Survey Shows Today's Workforce Expects To Keep Working During "Retirement"

11/09/2004 That dream of retirement as a time with no work and no stress is a reality. But it's only a reality in the lives of current retirees, not for those currently doing the 9 - 5 dance, according to the fourth annual Allstate "Retirement... read more »

Americans see themselves as retirement "Survivors"

10/19/2004 When it comes to preparing for retirement, Americans see themselves as survivors - they believe they'll ultimately overcome challenges and learn to live with the tradeoffs to win their financial battle. In fact, when the fourth annual ... read more »

Allstate Announces Fund Changes to Allstate Advisor Variable Annuity

10/01/2004 The Allstate Advisor Variable Annuity, a tax-deferred, flexible premium variable annuity introduced in October 2002, will now contain seven additional subaccounts effective October 1, 2004. The Allstate Advisor VA is primarily sold thro... read more »

Lincoln Benefit Life Company Rolls Out Ultra Plus

09/22/2004 Producers looking to offer their customers a universal life (UL) product that's affordable while also providing strong long-term cash accumulation performance, need look no further than a new product by Lincoln Benefit Life Company, a m... read more »

Allstate Survey Ranks Top 25 U.S. Markets On Life Insurance Coverage and Adequacy of Protection

09/07/2004 If you live in Atlanta there is good news - you, along with your fellow residents, are among the most protected when it comes to your life insurance coverage. But if you call Los Angeles home, your life insurance coverage, along with man... read more »

Allstate Workplace Division Launches New Worksite Application Program for Agents

08/03/2004 Allstate Workplace Division has launched a new electronic worksite application program called AllAppSM for independent insurance agents contracted to sell Allstate Workplace Division products. AllAppSM features a combined product illustr... read more »

New Universal Life Insurance Products from Lincoln Benefit Life Company Satisfy Both Customer and Producer Needs

07/29/2004 Lincoln Benefit Life Company, a member of Allstate Financial Group, has introduced two new universal life (UL) insurance products that not only help customers manage life's changing needs and demands, they also have features that appeal ... read more »

Allstate Obtains New Credit Facility

06/04/2004 The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL) announced today that it has obtained a $1 billion five-year revolving credit facility. The new facility was significantly over subscribed. BNY Capital Markets, Inc. and J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. wer... read more »

Allstate Life Global Funding Issues $800 Million Inaugural Registered Medium Term Note Transaction

05/27/2004 Allstate Life Global Funding, a special purpose statutory trust, announced today the issuance, through Allstate Life Global Funding Trusts, of an $800 million inaugural transaction. This is off of Allstate Life Global Funding’s $4 bill... read more »

Allstate Workplace Division Wins Direct Marketing Award

05/20/2004 Allstate Workplace Division was recently awarded a Tempo Award from the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing for three distinct mailings that were part of an integrated direct marketing campaign called “Hunters and Gatherers.” The... read more »

Allstate Life Announces $4 Billion Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Medium Term Note Program

04/28/2004 Allstate Life Insurance Company, the lead life insurance and retirement products subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation, has established a $4 billion shelf registration. Under the shelf registration, Allstate Life Insurance Company will ... read more » Now Available to Allstate’s Financial Institution Partners

04/26/2004, the award winning financial services Web site by Allstate Financial, a business unit of The Allstate Corporation, is now available to Allstate Financial Institution Divisions’ partners. The Web site had previously ... read more »

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