Many things change in eighty years, but the fundamentals of strength and resilience remain the same: put the customer first, innovate relentlessly, and stay financially strong.

Allstate emerged from the financial crisis stronger than ever, just as we have come through twelve other economic downturns over the last eight decades. And we did much more than just survive the crisis. In 2009, we improved customer loyalty, made smart financial decisions, and laid the groundwork for reinventing the category. Guided by our shared vision, we will build on that foundation in 2010.

Putting The Customer First

Success starts with putting the customer at the center of all we do. That means putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes so we can understand not just today’s needs, but tomorrow’s. It means engaging them in an active dialogue about what products and services best meet those needs and how they can use insurance and financial products to help realize their goals and dreams. It means finding new and better ways to serve them and to contribute to the communities in which they (and we) live.

Protecting And Preparing

17 million households rely on Allstate for auto and homeowners insurance, life insurance, retirement and investment products. We help people realize their hopes and dreams through products and services designed to protect them from life’s uncertainties and to prepare them for the future.

Loyalty Reaps Rewards

The loyalty of these customers is so important to us that we linked it to the amount that Allstate contributed to employees’ 401(k) accounts in 2009. Employees earned the maximum company match based on strong loyalty improvement while the insurance industry loyalty measures remained relatively flat. Our loyalty survey tracks customer satisfaction, intent to renew and willingness to refer.

Enhancing The Customer Experience

Allstate provides innovative resources to help agencies enhance the customer experience—and their own success. Those resources include new technology, national marketing support, new product and discount options, sales and service education, detailed agency-level customer research, and 24/7 support from the Allstate call centers.

Seamless Customer Service

We serve customers where and how they want to be served: In person, by phone and on the Internet. How seamless does it get? About half of all consumers coming to Allstate for the first time initially visit…88% of our new customers make their purchase with an Allstate agent or an independent agent selling our insurance…and in 2009, our call centers answered 734,000 calls forwarded from agencies after hours.

Giving Back To Our Communities

More than $18.2 million was provided by The Allstate Foundation in 2009 to address key social issues. Among those are teen safe driving and economic empowerment for domestic violence survivors. Research shows 85% of American adults have a more positive image of a company that is associated with a good cause—and even more impressively, 70% will pay more for brands that support causes they care about.

Watch a video on YouTube about the Allstate Foundation’s work to empower and support women.


At Allstate, we spend a lot of time working to reinvent protection and retirement for the consumer. That’s more than introducing a new product or service. It means working to improve every aspect of what we do and how we do it. It means finding new ways to deliver on Allstate’s brand promise. Every single day, 70,000 Allstate professionals find innovative ways to do things better.

9.4 Million Calls

to our call centers in 2009 provided an excellent laboratory for researching consumer shopping preferences and developing best practices for service and sales. This information is shared with our 14,000 exclusive Allstate agencies and financial representatives in the United States and Canada.

Insurance Made Easy

The Auto Insurance Made Simple coverage guide was launched in 2009 to help our customers feel more knowledgeable and confident about their auto insurance—from how to read a “declarations” page to knowing what to do if they have an accident.

Expanding Our Audience

Reinvention includes finding new avenues to share an evergreen message. Our Stand national advertising campaign—also featured on the Allstate YouTube channel—highlights the benefits of having insurance protection from Allstate.

Strengthening Our Brand

87% of consumers could identify the “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate®” tagline with Allstate in a test of aided brand awareness, making it one of the most widely recognized taglines in America. We continue to further strengthen our well-known brand through marketing, consumer-focused product design and our extensive local sales presence.

Product & Service Innovation

47 states now offer Your Choice Auto® insurance, which allows drivers the flexibility to choose among a range of features and prices in three insurance packages (platinum, gold and value). In 2009, Allstate completed the rollout of its “Next Gen” claims handling system, which enhances the customer experience and lowers expenses by facilitating faster, more efficient claims handling.

Our Financial Strength

Allstate was founded during the Great Depression in 1931. It wasn’t an ideal time to start a business, but our prudence and financial discipline enabled us not only to survive that terrible time, but to grow. During the current “great recession,” Allstate proactively addressed the financial crisis and subsequent market uncertainty. As a result, we remain financially solid. We will continue to take the necessary measures to safeguard our company’s financial condition so we can grow our business and keep our promises to our customers, investors and employees.

Managing Risk & Returns

In 2009, our strategic risk mitigation program focused on managing interest rate, equity, credit and real estate investment risks, while our return optimization efforts focused on market opportunities to generate income and capital appreciation. Allstate’s investment portfolio grew 4% in 2009, to $99.8 billion at year-end.

$854 million in net income

was reported by Allstate in 2009, versus a loss of $1.7 billion in 2008. Previous year results were affected by unprecedented financial market deterioration.


Book value per diluted share, a measure of our company’s financial strength, grew 31% from year-end 2008 to $30.84 at year-end 2009.


Allstate’s capital increased 32% in 2009, to $16.7 billion at year-end, as our company took proactive actions, including adjusting its portfolio mix, to keep Allstate financially strong despite volatile financial markets.


Revenues increased 9% to $32.0 billion in 2009, while operating income* rose 7% to $1.9 billion for the year.

* For a definition of this term, please see the “Definitions of Non-GAAP Measures” here and on the second page following the proxy statement, which can be found in downloads.